Auto Insurance

Do I really need auto insurance?

Why do I need auto insurance? This is a question repeatedly asked by many who consider themselves good drivers with no chances of being involved in an accident ever. However, they fail to realize that while their driving skills might be incomparable, there are plenty of bad drivers out there. And auto insurance is a reliable way to keep yourself and your car safe, in case of a collision, theft or damage.

The first and foremost reason why you should have auto insurance is because it is mandatory by law. Driving a vehicle without insurance can lead to fines and penalties, depending on your state law. Besides adhering to law, auto insurance is required as it keeps you and others protected financially when involved in an accident, by paying for any damage caused to the vehicles, property and medical bills.

Once you are aware of the reasons why auto insurance is so important, next step is to determine how much and what type of coverage you require. Determining the auto insurance package ideal for you depends on factors like amount of coverage you require, your past driving record and personal insurance, if any, you have currently.
You might want to avoid monthly payments by not getting your vehicle insured now, however, what if you have to pay for car repair, an expense that can run into thousands, after a collision. Even paying the expensive medical bills can leave you financially drained. Whether the accident was caused by your fault or someone else’s negligence, auto insurance can prove to be a life saver by offering the required financial help when needed.