Auto Warranty

Things to avoid for maintaining your auto warranty

Aimed at taking care of applicable repairs, auto warranty is provided by your car manufacturing company and it is applicable only if the vehicle is maintained as per instructions. It is helpful to know in which scenarios your auto warranty might by completely or partially voided.

In case your car is declared a complete loss after being involved in an accident, then the warranty might be fully voided. That is why, when buying a pre-owned vehicle it is important to get a report about vehicle’s history to avoid spending your money on a salvaged vehicle which might not be covered under warranty.

Misuse of your vehicle of any kind can also void the warranty. This can include using your vehicle for racing, off-roading or overloading. To put it simply, misuse can be anything when your vehicle is involved in any scenario other than its usual operation.

Any kind of environmental damage caused by flood, earthquake or fire is generally not honored under warranty by vehicle manufacturers. Also, if the odometer of your vehicle has been replaced or tampered with, then it can void the warranty.

Damage caused to your vehicle by neglecting the common service needs and scheduled maintenance can void the warranty of specific parts as well. Overlooking the need for oil change, using improper or dirty fluids and modifying your car or installing aftermarket parts are also some cases which can void auto warranty.

So carefully follow the instructions mentioned in owner’s manual to ensure that you are following the recommended service schedule and using your vehicle for the purpose it is intended for, to avail the full benefit of your auto warranty.